Creating Habits That Improve Your Life

To help people understand their thoughts & behaviors so they feel aligned with the decisions they make.


Our Mission

 The foundation of Human Behavior is  Self-identity and Values. Mina's Method help you understand your pattern's by identifying the gap between your understanding of who you are and your actions.

Our goal


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Breaking Relationship Patterns


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When you hear stories you can relate to and learn from, aren't those moments life changing? What if it was also a place where you learn techniques to grow? Check out our next event!

Mindset + Behaviour


Creating a new habits or changing your mindset does not happen over night. there are steps and processes that work for someone but not another. We create sessions specific for you. How?  Using Behavioural Analysis methods and our own methods based in Research.



               Mina Movasseli

No matter what job title I had I always did one thing, I helped people understand their mindset &  behaviours. I did it because I loved it and I wanted people to feel good about themselves. By bringing awareness to their thoughts and their behaviours they were able to feel good about their choices. Like they had more control of their life rather.


Why Mind the BluePrint?

It came from understanding there was a gap, like "mind the gap" when crossing. Well this is the subconscious, a part of our brain that picks up on our surroundings that we are often unaware of. It's one of the ways we pick up habits without knowing it. 

The Background part..

Graduating with Honours in Psychology and  a Post-Grad in Behavioral Science Technology. Then leaving the Health field after one year to work in the Tech-start-up space. I now help Entrepreneurs lead while being mindful of their behaviour and their mindset. Because scaling is a mental game and  becoming mentally fit is key.

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